Hiding away

The voices are angry and screaming in my head...sometimes i can understand them, sometimes it just burns and itches and pains me to think.

I tried to run, to soak up the sun, but the fog starts to hurt and pain me...so i hide away and watch.

There they are, i found the dreamer again! The path inside the darkness is still there...no traps...

Voices say it is not yet too late...if i could only find a dagger they described again...

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Hush, hush little baby, they will spot us. Oh, how do babies shut up? I already tried every lullaby I know. I hope none hear us near here. Mist will come, mist will go and then we will be away. You for good, little baby. Foxes in the forests might raise you as one of their own. Lots of things for you to learn there.

I must find a good lie for that tailor too. Personally, I wouldn't be very upset for not having that screaming thing near me. Perhaps, she'll even thank me for that.

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Honey of the forgetful kind

I am coming nearer to my goal.

I can smell the honey from a mile away and I hear the buzzing of thousands of wings.

Soon I will leave my unwilling host.

Blessings be on poor Priapus, whose mind I nearly broke.

But some sacrifices have to be made.

A good thing he will not remember anything of what happened to him.

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On the road again... or well in damn wilderness.

Things starting to turn damn too hot for my liking and it is time move on. I do not get it. Once stolen something, once beat up someone or done something they not like and they blame me after that about everything! And a bloody cherry on top some twit was threaten to kill me if I don't bring her horse back! I would make her a fucking head shorter, but got good opportunity to take a fast leave. It ain't a bad horse she got...

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He'd been as charming as ever when she woke him... A few grunts as she nudged him and a "fuck off" as he came around to the world. He quickly changed his tune, though, as she told him she was setting off and if he wanted a ride out he'd better be quick.

He didn't have much to gather and she was already prepared, so it was still early morning when the two of them set off to the South, leaving the village behind them.

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Ahura sees my soul, I would have never though to return here. My anger over pacts unmade, deamons unshackled would have never been enough. My feet feel this cursed ground once more, and I wonder if our father would laugh at the irony... Forced to leave home-sands again by tradition, by ties of respect.

There is much to be learned here, still. Much to be taught, now that blood from my own walks by me.
With her in hand, I will have more to offer up then any other voice.
Yazata willing, the sorrow here will listen... And consent to pact.

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Skipping around

A very dirty, bubbly and happy girl was skipping around the village yesterday, telling everyone who would listen, or at least pretend to: "Lady Ashblood is back, she bring Slow Daughter and make bad dreams go and make blood stop and give me food! I tell and I get food!" Before any questions could be asked, she had hopped off again.

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I pray

I wish Anyad were here. By the look of things she hasn't been around for a while. There are still enough basics around, but it's been so long since I had to treat people and these two have been through a lot, by the looks of it. The woman was in desperate shape before giving birth and being locked in a cage, but I have to try, for the baby's sake. My eyes move to the infant, expecting the silence to be a sign that it is sleeping, but it's stare meets my eyes and a shiver runs down my spine. I have to stop imagining things! It's just a baby!

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A certain sense of dread

A certain sense of dread is creeping up on me.

I know what I saw on the Nemedian side of the mountain range, and I know what this would mean for this village and its colourful inhabitants...

And then there is the poor, dilluded blackman and his talk about the sleeper...

Bad things are about to happen.

But I am a Knight and a Knight is always ready!

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Why do I bother? Getting bored with your own company is no reason to seek out others in this shithole. Couple of people I didn't know and that redhead were talking to some disgusting lunatic, obviously having some really nasty desease and non of his marbles left. One of them was cute enough, but what an idiot! They were asking it questions like there was still a light on inside and really, that went out years ago, by the looks of things. A freaking baby a key that dreams to wake up a sleeper that will kill all in this shithole... If only! Never heard so much crap in my life.

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