New residents

Things appear to be happening at the North-most building in the village. Smoke is rising above the building again and voices can be heard from time to time through the broken door. Two men and a woman seem to have taken up residence and any keen ears will also pick up the sounds of squeaking and small claws scratching on wood.

The old horse in the stables is a further sign that more people have been... stupid?... enough to venture to the village.

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Hide and seek

Horse is here, horse is there, where is the little horse? That bad man's head is still on his shoulders but not for long before it hits the ground I hope.

At last some entertainment in this village. It was needed after the flood of strangers and the strange creatures from that building, not to mention the other scary things.

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New animals at stable

Looks like two new animals is made their home in stables for moment, one horse and one woman. Damn and I have to look after that smelly animal, but deal was fair. By hairy balls of Crom I haven't tasted such good ale for long time what that woman carried with her and there might be something more other valuables in her bags too what might be worthy...

She went to explore and I have time enjoy this whole flask of ale in peace... maybe take nap after. Sun shines too, ain't bad for a change!

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Are things getting worse?

It was a really bad night, the cold hostility seeped in through every crack of the shaky hovel. It hadn't been this bad for years, even the screams could not be heard through the thick fog. Something was changing, it was pallable. Maybe it was time for the cicle to renew itself, there were signs, so many signs. The hole had been opened, a grave dug up, villagers turned on each other, things disappearing... Yes and then the other signs.... Maybe there would just be some disapearances, a death or two, someone losing his mind... It had happened before.

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Silencing the screams

The voices tell me it will be soon time...

I have learnt much in the past to be to be to be strong again.
The nasty people and nasty things have to be stopped! I don't need the voices anymore to tell me that...still caution! caution!

They might not understand the good i will do them! Soon all will be better! Soon no more screaming! Soon company again! Free sky, no more mist, no more darkness...the sun will shine for me again!

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Getting fishy!

Sure it is getting fishy! Now just when I was going to ask my reward from bee widow for that ring there was lots of shout and panic like someone is dying, but not. Witch was telling that something was stolen from bee widow and tracks leaded to hole of that little vermin... vermin who knows everything and steals everything, what a thief Old Tarantia looses from that kid! Sometimes I think why I bother? But answer is so simple, winter is coming and I feel shit. If I just get my hands to all that mead and honey I don't need to see any sober day this winter... hmm... what a nice thought.

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Wrestling with the rotten bodies

Who would thought man has so much puke in his belly? Me ain't for sure! And who would thought finding one ring can be so bloody disgusting? Me ain't for sure! Anyway, deed is done and ring is found. Bee widow will be so giving me mead and honey for that or I toss the ring back with corpses thats for sure. When I have the mead and honey I can ask from bitch to let me in again, this animal shelter just stinks so much... well, I still stink more than them! Bloody rotten corpses...

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Once upon a grave

As the four shadows get further away, their screaming and arguing muffles in the first wisps of evening fog and silence once again surrounds the grave. Now robbed, violated, left open, body parts spread around like the 5 people trying to find eternal peace are nothing but beasts. Silence... until an oh so familiar sound promises more violation. It's coming for supper.

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Missing sun

Sometimes the headaches and voices grow silent...
Then i remember lush jungles and open skies with a blazing sun.
Pain...the whip...the thirst...darkness.
Now darkness is different. It was always a good place to hideaway.
When they took me from the sun to the cold...darkness went with me. They helped it...made it speak to me a purpose...

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