Stormy Night

Thunder, high winds and torrential rain rode through the village last night, nearly spooking the animals into a stampede. The storm drove a newcomer before it, a merchant, heading north with her wares. Strange, considering that winter will seal the last passes shut in but a few weeks. Apparently she lost her way... Although no trade routes she could have strayed from pass nearby. She spent the night in the stables, yet no one saw her leaving, come morning. Maybe she has not left at all.

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Flavya... where you are?

It's now third day when Flavya is missing. I'm extremely worried where she might have gone. No trace of her after she rushed in wilderness. I should have stopped her... I really should have stopped her. I can't sleep my nights well, I can't focus and I feel like have had blank moments. I can't remember example what I did during noon yesterday... strange? I have done each day long trips in the wilderness to find her, but nothing. She is like vanished. I'm getting desperate.

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Trail of blood...

Follower of Mitra... what a hell, lets say more like strong, big Cimmerian man was spotted staggering in village with stab wound in his groin and leaving trail of blood behind him. He was carried to animal shelter by another Cimmerian man and leaving from there few hours later. He staggered into his house around time of twilight. After that loud, violent woman shouting could be heard in surroundings of old watch tower whole evening up until midnight... and it wasn't appropriate language for ears of kids or well... for anyone.

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A simple walk gone awry...

It's best to avoid tall grass when wandering nowadays, you never know what you might step on to! Yesterday violent groaning and shouting emerged near the library when 'fake' follower of Mitra stumbled over Ansy, most likely on his way to the smithy. One of the recent newcommers under order of Maeva knocked out both the man and the girl while they were on top of another; Maeva carrying off the girl to the library and the newcommer dragging the wounded follower of Mitra to the traderhouse for mending...blood trickling from his trousers.

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During the night, when the fog was at it's thickest...

...An ancient oak, there as long as anyone can remember, burst into flames. A small figure was seen huddling at the bottom of the flames. In the morning, that figure was seen staggering into the village when it was found out that it had been beastie. How the flames didn't consume her remains a mystery...

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Zero Tolerance!

There has been an unusual influx of strangers arriving in town lately, some with worse intents than the others...nevertheless, not everyone is happy with this 'intrusion'.

The ancient gates of the keep clamoured under the noise of banging.
Eyes opening, a head inclining itself towards the sounds.

The voice of a man was heard, appearing to seek entry to the sealed place.
A body straightens up, skulking through the darkness of the keep.

Then a louder resonating metallic sound echoes in front of the gate.

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Visitors from past and present

More souls found their way to Tombstone...
One was a rich looking rider who claimed to be lost. While still being greeted by some hungry villagers another one appeared suddenly as if by magic. She claimed to bring food and was looking for a woman. The red-haired living in the library with the Mitra priest seemed to recognize her and obviously panicked.

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The babies are growing fast now I am pleased to say. They devoured the goat in no time.
I must say I was a bit worried about the mists but it doesn't seem to affect them that much.
If anything it makes them grow even faster.

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To kill a beast

A beast has come.
Under the guise of pilgrim looking for a long lost friend.
Yeah, right.
The little one sensed it too, although she missed the point.
This was not tickle belly's beast, this was a different animal.
One that would awaken her.
That would not do.
Sleep tight, beast, soon you will sleep forever.
Not even your oversized sword can save you now.

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Sitting huddled up under the stairs

Me alone. Me no scared, no. No witch muka come back... soon.. before food gone. Mayn mad man no kill No witch Muka, me think.

How get in? No rope. Need get rope.. Take rope from fuck priests, they no look, steal from Forgetful honey, but no look.

Me no tell no one, me know, but no tell. Me live, she live. Me see. Me hide. Me hungry. Need find food.

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