House of Books... what a evil there is happening?

Many seen and many noticed that Mitra man house is slowly filling with strangers and even with some local inhabitants. Latest one was young girl who carried in there unconscious. None of them come out yet. What is happening in there? Is the man truly in faith or is that just a cover? What he might he is doing with his victims? Cannibalism? Sacrifices? Something else unimaginable horrors? Or perhaps it some are just need of warming prays and faith in this god forgotten place. In any case it is most suspicious and need to keep eye on that house.

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Heartbreaking decision...

Ansea looked around the keep's interior as if it were the last time, her eyes pouring tears. She bids 'Beastie' farewell, forbidding her to follow. With most of her arsenal gone, or reduced to her bow, arrows and a captured dagger, she takes the decision to retrace her steps back to Tarantia at all costs, and retrieve her hidden arsenal...

Upon staggering at the village's edge, she looks back upon the crumbled burned tower and sighs deeply, then after a moment she turns her back to the village, walking away.

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Activity in house of books

Looks like three person entered in the house of books just on time before twilight. On fool was seen leaving the house and to go in the fog later at evening when was already dark, but this figure very quickly discovered why it is wise to stay indoors... shame they never learn.

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Disastrous incursion!

The follower of Mitra and other travellers (Zandoka, Milika and Marcuis) have been seen moving about, visiting every house and questioning inhabitants...they are clearly looking for something, but what?

The group was last seen entering the crumbled tower...what has transpired in there only they know, but clearly there has been something amiss, and sounds of pain, anger and fear clamoured about. In the end, even the tower itself stood ablaze! None of those who entered seem to have perished, though some were wounded.

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Visitors leaving...

It seems that most of the visitors left from the village, the ones who came with the Mitra worshipper (Hengton, Milika, Zandoka). By their speed what they travelled from village it looked that they didn't enjoyed some much about the cozy and warm atmosphere what village provided. However it looks that Mitra worshipper stayed in the village which is most strange and suspicious. He has been seen entering the House of Book.

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Heavy weather causes damage

A bad storm disrupted the quiet afternoon in our village. Howling winds, lashing rain and deafening thunder made us all seek shelter in our homes.

When the storm finally subsided, the glow of fire could be seen at the high end of the village. Lightning had struck one of the run down houses and burned it to embers. As far as can be seen now, no one died in the fire. One goat is missing and there is an argument about what could have happened to its remains, but no one can prove anything.

The storm has also ruined two of the vegetable gardens. The prize of food is expected to go up.

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Rain, Rain, Rain...

By Mitra, what an awful day! At morning it looked fine when I woke up and let Milika to sleep after her watch shift. Both girls, Milika and Zandoka kept sleeping while I silently left from the small library. It was dark cold morning and when I looked up whole sky was covered with dark clouds. I thought that I could manage to go quickly to see the lower parts of the village before it starts to rain. I was wrong... when I got to badly damaged gate of the village then on same moment big bright lighting flashed and then started to rain.

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A new home...

This is a nice place. Nice and dark. I like towers...but this one is mine now...

The old decayed tower previously abandoned seems to have a new recent owner. The odd girl amongst the travellers was seen regularely entering and leaving the tower...clearly someone has been accomodating the place.

While the facade has been left untouched, and the door ever left slightly open just enough for a slim person to wriggle through, on the inside there have been changes.

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A violent attack

This morning the bee keepers wife was stabbed to the chest by a member of the group of intruders that decended on our village a couple of days ago. She barely escaped with her life, now in a serious, but stable condition. The attacker was a young girl who was, rumor has it, molested by her own compagnions the night before.

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House of Books

Marcuis has been seen whole day around the old ruined building on upper parts of the village. This building is used for storing books and been small library in the past. He was company of his guide, Milika and Zandoka, hired sword who both rumored to be dead... which seems to be false. They searched whole day something from the house, inside and outside. At the twilight they locked them selves inside... looks that they didn't found what they looked for.

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