Morning walk with Ansy and beyond.

It was early morning when I noticed Ansy getting restless on her sleeping spot and I woke up when she started to mumble something. I asked from her what is wrong and she said that Stigy ate her frog. I offered that we go look her for new frog which made her quickly happy. So we left silently to look frog for her without waking anyone else. It was misty cold morning, silent and village in that light looked very threatening.

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Five stangers arrived in the village yesterday. Two men, two women and a mad person, though she was not the one staying outdoors at night. The two women decided to take their chances. That'll be the last we hear of them then. Some problems work themselves out just fine. The other three? The men won't last long, cracks are already beginning to show. The mad one... No mind left to be driven out off.... She might decide to stay around... Gods help us all

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Tesso inn - Day before the big day

How lovely it was to notice that all was there on time and ready for the trip. Everyone was prepared and eager to make the journey. I also met person named Hengton. Young and strong looking Khitai fighter and in need of gold. So I hired him and he will be joining us. I'm so excited, but now I have slowly start to go sleep. I'm not that strong anymore what I used to be and I need long sleep as tomorrow is exhausting day.

May the Mitra bless us.

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Unlucky fools!

From high hill campfire spotted in wilderness not very far from Village on time of twilight. Looked like two unlucky persons with long blue robes and one horse, perhaps priests of Mitra. They camped there without knowing what is going to happen when darkness falls and there is no time to warn them before darkness comes or why even should do that? Why should care about two priest? Even Mitra won't come help them what they going to face when darkness falls. Hopefully even some loot will be left from them when sun raises again...

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Brand new diary - Time for travel

Ah, finally and just in time I got it. A brand new diary. It's a small book, but it brings me so much joy. I even like smell of it. Enough from this book, time has finally come to start travel. I'm excited and at same time worried. I wonder if everyone comes? They will, they will. I have paid them half in advance and rest I will pay when I'm safely back in Old Tarantia. I'm sure I worry too much and all will go fine. I have managed to gather excellent group from fighters, cook, guides and everything what is necessary. Group will consist:


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