When you need guidance, the ancestors will send someone to lead your footsteps. And here, so far to the North, they may even be my own.

Inside, she said and it's not that unexpected. I can feel the pull. I am fearful and that too is no surprise. But to ignore the wise counsil would be like turning your back on the only ones that will help you in your hour of need. I will need to be strong of body as well as mind though. I don't know how long it wil take me to find what I'm looking for, time has no meaning for those who live in the spirit world.

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Bitch will spill out her secret... For sure!

I have a plan and it will work. Treasure will be mine, my loot what she stole from me. No one messing with me thats for sure! She seems to have support from these messed up people behind her so I have to be careful, but what I most fear that I'm waking up a sleeping dragon... I can't do that yet, with empty hands.

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No one knows

No one noticed anything. I don't think anyone cares. With all the weird things and the disappearances, they think all is normal. I've gotten away with it before.

I have to find a way to make him pay for what he did to me. I will feed it. It's been good to me, so good. But the way she looks at me, like she knows.

Tonight I will have a feast.

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The Dark

Friggin Stygian bitch! What is she doing here? Spoiling my aim, costing me my kill! Left with no choice, I step in to hide my intent. Ticked off, I hack at the Stygian, but she’s too smooth. As Ivy’s tracker moves in, she runs.

I lie down, panting. Ivy’s all over me, blurting out her thank you’s, thinking I saved her. I grin up at her. Later, bitch! I will get what’s mine later!

We tramp back to the ruins, me still fuming. My perfect plan shot. It had worked well, leaving tracks counting on Ivy to hire a ranger. It had sure lured her out of crowded Tombstone. All for nothing.

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No women for blue cloth?

Marcuis, one of the most positive person in village has been spotted walking head down and sad. Maybe his luck with young woman is finally turned? Who knows...

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It was the same blue cloth Marcius' robes were sewn from. Double-knit jersey, warm and light. She wrapped the roll around her slender frame to check if it was sufficient to make a dress. The rest of the bucket goods went to the kitchen table, for souplady to cook.

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Back from the marshes

Back from the spring-ridden marshes, laden with the fruits, stalks, leaves, roots of haoma, divine. Spenta Haurvat help me, I shed age into the air around, fighting pain from bones too old, fighting with mounds that I once trod over without a thought. This may have been the last voyage such... Unless sustenance can be found and offered.

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Adjusting to Life

Drip, drip, drip... And I'm awake, once again, to find a new crack in the so called roof above my head. Most nights now, the damp eats away at this so called shelter.

Yet I now call this wretched, baron place home. And a home it would be, for now.

I've decided to not get too close with the other.. inhabitants here, at least, not for the moment.
You've got to be realistic. You've got to be safe.

Running from shadows of a distant land. Bound by suffocating secrets I must yet keep.
Always watching, always listening. Always aware.

Adjusting to life.

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Back again

It was unnerving really, just how far away from the civilized world this place was, and even the surrounding land seemed to be wanting to keep up the illusion of distance in both time and appearance. The journey to Tarantia had only confirmed this - I had walked in circles for days, running my food supply worryingly low before I made any actual progress, I'm sure of it. And what's more it had been an unnecessary risk. Almost. I did have some new clothes to show for it, but not what I was looking for. No sign of him.

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It seems that white haired blue cloth has again took a tight hold from innocent young females who seeks desperately shelter from this wretched place. He was again fast as hawk offering his "help", but seemed it wasn't that easy this time. White skinned good looking woman who was in company of Kheldoric prefer to stay with the animals in stables instead following to him to the house of books or should it be said: House of Sins? Second try on blue cloth was more successful and young dark skinned woman who just arrived to village and called herself as Neti followed him to this house of... Sins.

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