Eyes closed,
I feel his fingers.
Brushing my hair,
Tickling my neck.

A thing,
Cold and thin,
Slips between my breasts.
I shiver.

My eyes find his.
And I kiss him.

“This, this is you.”
His voice serious,
His eyes tender,
He shows me the jade.

A sliver of green,
Cool and soothing.
Then, its bloodred flaw,
Screams at me:

Darkness rushes up,
A deep pool,
Of blackest betrayal.
Desolate, I let myself fall in.

I want to be lost,
Left alone,

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Shady rude figure walks away...

Who else it can be than Wilpur? Official asshole of the village is spotted leaving with horse towards north. Strangely enough his bitch didn't follow him... maybe she finally did the right thing and kicked him out? In any case some peace has come in to the village. Time will show if he returns, but lets hope maggots are eating his body right now.

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Parting gifts?

A few days after the blue priest fell into the hole, there have been some odd placements before doors.
A book named "Poetry" before the temple.
A new crude lock before a recent repaired door of the souplady.

During the day before clanging and hissing could be heard from the Smithy. Also the empty room besides the family home is missing the old armor now.

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Flickering flames, stone swept clean. Meat and cakes of honey and flour.
Skin unclothed, covered in clean clay. Six times washed with water pure, six times covered again.
Endless prayers whispered to walls, the mantra flying on winds so cold.
No mist can swallow true worship. It helps to believe, but I never did. It is for foolish, the hopeful.
I never believed. I know my gods all too well.
Even the weakest amongst them deserve sacrifice.


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A new morning ritual - milking the goats

She glanced over to where she expected to see her companions sleeping off the effects of.. well.. whatever it was she had given Leo, but they weren't there. As she crossed the empty room she briefly wondered whether he'd taken the poor girl elsewhere and had his way with her or if they'd stayed out all night, but the thought was long forgotten by the time she pulled open the door and peered out. The fog was still swirling but it was thinning, the first signs of sunrise trying to break through the heavy air.

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Diary Entry - Samantha

Arrived at a ghost village, still pretty clueless as to if this is where I should be. I met a few people who just seemed to be standing around talking. The first was a pretty lady, tho I didnt catch her name she was talking to a savage looking man and a flea ridden animal. While I was talking to her a quite swish looking man called Leo approached me and offered me lodgings at his forge, in return for work. He was later joined by a woman called Ash, I dont think she likes me much. He seemed friendly enough at first.

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Again I find myself staring at the strange lines in my hand. "Marked" she called it, like the serpent shaped birthmark she had herself. My head is telling me to move on, keep traveling, leave before I am made to leave, like my clan was made to leave so many times. But there is something in this strange place that makes me hessitate agains my better judgement. I can't go further North without entering Cimmeria and this may be as close as I can come to being near "home", however empty that notion is for me. I can't get close to anyone, but that won't be a problem here.

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Glance to the book of blue lillies

Wound is still hurting. I still wonder what made that rope snap. I'm sure I checked it day earlier and it was good condition. Good luck in accident that nothing too bad happened, just few scratches and one bleeding wound. Mitra was watching me on that moment for sure. Now is time to rest couple days even I eagerly want to go back down to excavation. I feel I'm close, actually I made small breach. It feels that there is big empty space... I'm sure I found it from there.

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Man down!

Around mid day panicked screams and pained yells could be heard from the biggest building in village. It clearly was the priest, Marcuis in distress. Many villagers rushed to find out what happened and help. It seems that worshiper dropped down in his own dug hole. He was down there bottom of the dark hole in pain, but managed to get up from there with little help. He seemed not to be injured except little from his elbow and most of his screams and yells was just a panic.

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A stranger was seen walking towards the stables...

He was seen wearing no boots with an overall ragged appearance. A torn cloak, filthy clothes, coarse stubble covering his cheeks and a sword sheated in a rusty scabbard. he seemed to be holding something in his arms while grinning broadly... Who might this newcommer be?

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