The strange girl had invited him to 'play with her'...

...She had brought him to the ruined village, he hadn't seen anyone else. His intentions were clear, it was so hard to come by women in the wilderness, she would be perfect relief.

He was climbing the stairs of what she called her home... it was hot damp and dark here... Unnaturally so. He climbed and climbed until he reached the top... Then he saw what lay there, and he screamed. Even as he turned around to go back everything was black... he couldn't see anything anymore.

A giggle. A knife. Fire. Then... Nothing.

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...A visitor was seen entering the village. He was greeted by none other than the one the villagers call 'beastie'. She led him to the stables and then subsequently to her tower. What happened thereafter is unclear. Faint shouting and the clanging of steel could be heard.. aswell as odd growling sounds... The visitor left the village with several wounds, most notably some skin on his breast was charred... As he fled the village on his horse, a mournful howl could be heard in the distance.

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Food 'shortages'


Three barrels of salted beef...
Two sacks of grain...
A barrel of ale, to wash away the taste of that vile mead...

And soon one child molester for my babies...

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Hunting Trip - Picts and Animals

At early morning most of the inhabitants of the village was gathered around Flavya house. This was the day what was planned for long. Time to find food to get living in village more bearable. After short gathering they started travel into wilderness... will see if they return.

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The emptyness

For those who feared locking up their valuables, hiding their treasure or expecting sadistic painful experiences, rejoice! But only ignorants make up the local population I suppose.

She watched the last of the hunting party to leave the village. It would take quite some time for them to return with anything, so the time was ripe.
With the following days of quietness Ansea recovered from previous events, and prepared in silence.

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Do no harm...

Today smoke rose from the town, there has been a fire at the keep. The man of faith, Marcuis, was lighting up a bonfire to burn the gate and force himself inside despite a lack of tools. Several inhabitants gathered around to watch this unusual event, staring at Marcuis in surprise.

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This night the silence within the keep was broken, and such screams and throes hitting the interior resonated for the first time since it was inhabited again. Desperate sobbing and crying at first, squeezing all the lung contents through the throat...powerless woe. For hours, and then, the crying shifting in hysterical shrieking, filling the great hall with great pain. The body was harmed, the mind turned upside down, skin was rent, and spilled on the floor. First in trickles, then in gushes.

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Sharing warmth

"We arrived late afternoon, ducking into the sunless, gaping mouth of the ravine, leaving violet skies behind us. He saw wildlife... And became as a hunting dog, chasing after his still-living dinner with immediate, brutal instinct. By the Mothers, the more I watch him move, the more he makes me think of some musky lion, some youthful puppy, killing for the sheer joy of movement.

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Life as usual

Things seem calm enough lately. The strange group of people that have fortified themselves inside one of the ruins seem to be wanting to fix the place up, asking around about where to get tools. Other than that they keep to themselves, though rumor has it they are running out of food. Aren't we all?

The woman who started fixing up the large building next to the stables seems to have disappeared. The blacksmith is now faced with a large amount of tools that are taking up space in her forge, though some of it has been bought up by other people busy with fixing up houses.

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Promiscuous Priest?

In all the comotion of a band of rif raf arriving, one could have overlooked the lone, red haired woman arriving on her own. And what a surprise, she was given shelter in the house of the books. One doesn't want to jump to conclusions, but with all the lost atractive women finding the priest's beds, it's hard not to. Not that that seems to be enough for him. Last night he was seen entering the house of another single young woman at a time that makes it likely he was planing to stay the night there. Maybe the men of this village should start to keep an eye on him.

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