Welcome to Tombstone

"No I don’t trust you. You are either mad, dangerous, stupid or extremely unlucky. Let’s face it, none of us settled down here for the nice climate. And sure you are completely innocent. Man, it’s like the Iron tower all over again... not that I was ever there...

But we have to find out what is happening and stop it. You are under as much threat as me. So for now lets work together"


Tombstone is ruined village in the middle of nowhere, where people of all kinds of backgrounds have settled down to disappear from public view. What made them come there? Why did they need to? Only they know and maybe you can find out if you become one of them.

It is not a welcoming place and the strange things that happen hint to mysteries from a long forgotten past, but for the people who live there, it’s as close to a home as they could find.

Runaways, criminals, people down on their luck, everyone can find a home here.

This is a heavy rp guild, aiming to create rp for it's members and all other rpers on the Fury server.

To accomadate the village rp we have a guild city in Poitain (though ICly the village is located in the North East of Aquilonia), which is designed to give a ruined feel, with only parts of the walls build and plant growth inside some of the buildings. Every member will have a place to live in one of the buildings, though in some cases it may be a floor of a building, or just a room shared with others, depending on what would suit the character most.

Stories are created from the backgrounds of the members, the mysterious past of the village and interaction with other rp guilds that might find reasons to come to the village.

With an "open to all" rp night every week, we hope to get many visitors and new stories going.

Though we welcome rp with everyone, to join the guild, you have to, in character, live in the village. Visitor, long time guest or permanent resident, all are welcome.

Want to join?