A possible plan?

The white mare was almost ready for the journey, just one small detail yet to be added. The woman loosened her left bracer and using the blade at her side she opened up one of the more recent cuts on her arm and smeared the blood around the horse's mouth and eyes. The two of them then set off on their journey to find a village with a healthier food supply.

It was unlucky really that the witch-like woman had mentioned some work just as she needed to go for a while. She relished the thought of getting back to her smithing, but it couldn't be helped. Better for the woman than the alternative anyway, she assumed so at least.

On second thoughts that was something she should check. A cruel smile crept across her lips as she thought more on it, the vague outline of a plan beginning to form in her mind. Maybe the Southern man could help her confirm it..? It'd serve him right too. Who did he think he was holding a dagger to her? Alright, she was surrounded by swords and he didn't actually hurt her, and probably wouldn't have even if he'd tried, but he wasn't to know that. She had initially been annoyed that Leo had let him get away with it, but he might just have done her a favour after all. It was with this thought that she traveled, both to the nearest village, a good three days ride away, and back again.

Yes, these trips were becoming something to enjoy now, no longer the nuisance they were originally.