Fools and Vultures

Ahura my witness, I know that this place is cursed, that blood spills amongst the ruins as regular as sunrise. Oaths aside I often found myself hard pressed to touch, to see wounds so deep, of mind, of flesh, of soul as I did here. Yet today, I was caught in surprise, still, for I have seen, Shara shelter me, such idiocy as is common to hares-of-sand, not men.
The good-wife, so generous, open to all to come and devour her larder, never mentioning her needs... was found starved and hard-of-water, lying, furrowed in filth of her roof not cleaned. Her husband dead, her food gone, eaten by locusts-like-men, without conscience, without mind. They took her sustenance for days on end, the Worshipper and his women of negotiable affection, may his daemon withdraw favour from his eyes, never asking, never giving anything in return.
I worry not for her...She is not yet of an age to slide away and fade, even without food for so long, for we have all taken to living on the edge of starvation. I do wish it, oaths barred, mouth sealed that the fool of a man behind this may feel her weakness, her pain-of-mind and succumb.

Under the roof of the Most Honoured Worker of Clay, life blooms again pristine. Men of flesh, worker of metal, have agreed to keep hold, keep watch over the containment of Yagya, in exchange for work, food and perhaps favour... Amusing to think that they will do two favours instead of one and consider it a fair trade. Such is hunger-for-metal, hunger-for-flesh. I should worry for their safety, so close to what He wrought from clay so-white-so-dead, yet I can not... Is truth of clay so-white not taught to us by Mother-of-All, so dark of skin, so red of eyes?

"Death, which elsewhere is polluting, is here holy and auspicious. I will make greed and anger and malice and shame and jealousy and passion yet leash them to the Tower of Silence. To the dead I send my caress, my understanding and only the foolish will weep over what none can avoid."