Glance to the book of blue lillies

Wound is still hurting. I still wonder what made that rope snap. I'm sure I checked it day earlier and it was good condition. Good luck in accident that nothing too bad happened, just few scratches and one bleeding wound. Mitra was watching me on that moment for sure. Now is time to rest couple days even I eagerly want to go back down to excavation. I feel I'm close, actually I made small breach. It feels that there is big empty space... I'm sure I found it from there.

Afternoon was full of surprises. Most unexpected happened. There was middle of the village woman dressed in blue robe slowly riding on her white horse. She introduced her self as Yenku, Priestess of Mitra. Who she is? Where she comes and why she is here? Many questions, but certainly I won't be rude and go ask even I eagerly want to know. First things first and her needs have to be satisfied fully. I showed her stables where she could leave her horse and then showed soup lady house to her, best soup in whole Village. Was truly glad to notice that soup lady was feeling better already and big thanks from that goes to Mitra and Selena, sweet young girl with I had pleasure to spent time in house of books and I'm sure she enjoyed that time too as she left with smile on her face. However now soup lady and Selena was bit distant, behaved strange way... bit like Numi has now behaved towards me for long time. Selana even said to me that she will "cut -it- off if I do something" which I didn't had clue what she meant with that. After we ate and enjoyed great soup it was time to leave as darkness and fog was slowly coming. I offered Yenku to my humble bed, but she didn't accept that for now. I'm sure she was too exhausted from travel, but she said to come visit me at day. I'm looking forward to that and I'm sure we have many things to share... such a lovely young woman.