Diary Entry - Samantha

Arrived at a ghost village, still pretty clueless as to if this is where I should be. I met a few people who just seemed to be standing around talking. The first was a pretty lady, tho I didnt catch her name she was talking to a savage looking man and a flea ridden animal. While I was talking to her a quite swish looking man called Leo approached me and offered me lodgings at his forge, in return for work. He was later joined by a woman called Ash, I dont think she likes me much. He seemed friendly enough at first. I proved myself to them by getting them a bucket from a grumpy old woman blacksmith. Her assistant was big, I mean huge. Probably Cimmerian. She made me get some wood and then she wasnt happy with the wood I got her. I mean like wood is wood, right? She made me promise to go and get some from a forest which is a day and a half's ride away. Which is going to take forever, as I dont have a horse. But Ash and Leo were happy with the bucket, even though they already had a bucket. Something isnt right. They also have a coffin in their home. A coffin! Anyway I was going to settle down and they were kind of insisting that I shared blankets with Leo. He seems nice but I think they had other things on their mind, very wierd. I thought they were married they seem old enough to be. Leo gets up and goes and gets some drink and wanders outside. I heard voices so I got dressed and went and spied on him and the blacksmiths apprentice, doing what men do, 'mother' would say they were measuring their manhood. I think the apprentice saw me so I hid back inside waiting in Leo's blankets for whatever. I almost fall alseep and I realise Leo hasnt come back so I go and tell Ash, she doesnt care...I find him up on the wall talking in his sleep about being left. I cant carry him, he is too heavy. So I spot the blacksmiths apprentice and call him over. He doesnt see me up on the wall at first. He helps me carry him down, but not before I steal a swig of his alcohol. It tastes rubbish like fire. We carry him down the wall and he introduces himself as Kheldoric Bear-son or something. I cant remember, the world starts spinning and I think I passed out. I awake in the smithy with Leo....I wonder if he did anything and I missed it.