A new morning ritual - milking the goats

She glanced over to where she expected to see her companions sleeping off the effects of.. well.. whatever it was she had given Leo, but they weren't there. As she crossed the empty room she briefly wondered whether he'd taken the poor girl elsewhere and had his way with her or if they'd stayed out all night, but the thought was long forgotten by the time she pulled open the door and peered out. The fog was still swirling but it was thinning, the first signs of sunrise trying to break through the heavy air. She moved back to her corner and tipped the rest of the milk into her cup and drank it down in one.

The last wisps of the fog were still hanging in the air as she stepped out and by the time she had covered the short distance to the smithy's house she was out of breath, having to rest a few minutes to ease the heavy weight that had settled on her chest, making her feel far more lethargic than she was used to feeling. She grabbed the second bucket and set off towards the stables, her breathing becoming less laboured as she got nearer. It didn't appear that she'd be seeing much of the sun today, but that was of no concern to her as she set about milking the goats again for the grumpy old woman.

It wasn't such a bad deal really - Ashlinn was well practiced at milking animals so it didn't take her long and in return she got to keep half of the milk. Though she had, again, left the heavier of the two buckets near the forge for the smith and only taken enough to see herself through the day. There was no reason to risk upsetting the woman when there were so many tools that she could potentially put to good use...