Eyes closed,
I feel his fingers.
Brushing my hair,
Tickling my neck.

A thing,
Cold and thin,
Slips between my breasts.
I shiver.

My eyes find his.
And I kiss him.

“This, this is you.”
His voice serious,
His eyes tender,
He shows me the jade.

A sliver of green,
Cool and soothing.
Then, its bloodred flaw,
Screams at me:

Darkness rushes up,
A deep pool,
Of blackest betrayal.
Desolate, I let myself fall in.

I want to be lost,
Left alone,
But He will not let me.

His golden voice beckons:
I am the one who stands between!”
And he lifts me up, concerned.

“This is the Bloodjade.
Beautiful. Tainted.
Just like you.”
And as he smiles, I weep.


My cool jade,
Marred, but soothing.
My charm. My savior.
It is now lost to me.


And she ... she saw!
She saw, and she took!
She who knows everything and nothing.
She will pay!