When the sun dies

I stand at the front door, watching the sunset, ready to shut and bolt the door for the night. Suddenly the skies cracks with thunder, a mighty lightning strikes down. Horrified, I see ground shatters, chasms open everywhere, the whole village from one side of the valley to another falls into the abyss...

I jump back into the house, a hopeless attempt to flee from the disaster. The walls are torn away by the mighty storm, wooden floor slides... and then I find myself standing on the very top of a looming spire high above the dark citadel. In the darkness below roaring fires rise and fall. I can feel a piercing gaze at me, I can feel something moving closer.

And then I wake up from my own scream, covered in a cold sweat. I peek through the door - the village is here, so mundane and solid under the morning sky. I'm relieved, and almost happy, telling myself it was just a dream. Just a dream.