Nothing to worry about

He's been gone for a long time now and without his water... I have to assume he is dead. Now I'm stuck here, with no one to protect me or look after me. Some of the people are friendly enough, as long as they don't think you are a threat, but if they realise how weak I am... All the valuables are safely hiden and no one knows about the water. I'm just a harmless friendly woman, why would they hurt me. Unless of course when they get drunk or just feel like it. With no one to look out for me, there is nothing to stop them. I could leave... No, where would I go? A baren widow wouldn't be welcome anywhere. I'll have to keep pretending that all is fine, that people leave of free will, that the nightmares are just caused by stress. Winter is coming and without him, I don't have as many suplies. Now the cart with food is lost, I don't know how I can feed people. And I need to feed them. No one with hurt the hand that feeds them... at least not to a point where she can't do that anymore. I could use.... He would kill me, but he is dead. Wouldn't put it past him to come from beyond the grave to punish me though. Only when there is no other way. It disgusts me, but I need to be able to feed them, I need to stay safe.