Why do I bother? Getting bored with your own company is no reason to seek out others in this shithole. Couple of people I didn't know and that redhead were talking to some disgusting lunatic, obviously having some really nasty desease and non of his marbles left. One of them was cute enough, but what an idiot! They were asking it questions like there was still a light on inside and really, that went out years ago, by the looks of things. A freaking baby a key that dreams to wake up a sleeper that will kill all in this shithole... If only! Never heard so much crap in my life. Looked like they were going to attack those idiots that are staying in the stables for a moment, but in the end they of course did nothing, like always... Good thing they are so brave and strong. What would we do without them? At least there was some of that awful booze left, tastes worse than jackal piss, but at least it takes off the edge.