I pray

I wish Anyad were here. By the look of things she hasn't been around for a while. There are still enough basics around, but it's been so long since I had to treat people and these two have been through a lot, by the looks of it. The woman was in desperate shape before giving birth and being locked in a cage, but I have to try, for the baby's sake. My eyes move to the infant, expecting the silence to be a sign that it is sleeping, but it's stare meets my eyes and a shiver runs down my spine. I have to stop imagining things! It's just a baby! I try to remember the exact wording in the chronicles, it seems like such a coincidence, there must be another explanation. I try to concentrate on at least cleaning the couple, praying for Pri to return safely with the other child. "The normal child" I can't help thinking and I curse myself for that. My gaze goes back to the infant, it hasn't smiled once, no giggle when I tried to tickle it or make funny noises, nothing, just those big eyes following all my moves. It's cold, I shiver, knowing that most of the cold is coming from within, settling around my heart, making every breath feel like labor. I have to concentrate on this couple now... and pray... keep praying