Morning walk with Ansy and beyond.

It was early morning when I noticed Ansy getting restless on her sleeping spot and I woke up when she started to mumble something. I asked from her what is wrong and she said that Stigy ate her frog. I offered that we go look her for new frog which made her quickly happy. So we left silently to look frog for her without waking anyone else. It was misty cold morning, silent and village in that light looked very threatening.

Ansy clearly was skilled frog catcher as she instantly started to lead and tell that creeks are best place to catch frogs. Soon we found one creek, but water was going too fast in it. However after some walk we came to spot where was lots green grass in creek. Her eyes turned to big when she noticed movement in water and she rushed quickly in there. She returned with frog on her hands and wide smile on her face. After moment she put frog in her bag.

Me, Ansy and frog started to move slowly back towards village. When we reached to Nohmis house Ansy wanted to eat, but we couldn't go inside to make meal without waking rest so I suggested to go hunt some bird for meal. She agreed and so we left in the wilderness. This turned to be very scary and surprising hunting trip what I have experienced. Suddenly from shadow there came Woman named Venomena. Ansy pulled out her weapon and started to point her with finger "Stigy Stigy" which made whole situation bad. It ended almost to fight and after moment when I managed to calm down the situation Ansy spotted someone above us watching... Odd woman with wolf mask over her head. Situation turned very hostile again while everyone pointed each others with weapons. Again it needed calm voice and many words to take the tension away. I offered meal in village where we all four slowly moved. It was middle day when we reached to Nohmis house.

House was empty. Everyone was left somewhere which seemed bit odd... however I decided that I cook them bit soup as promised. When I started to warm up the soup I noticed that Ansy was gone again, silently and without saying anything. I didn't care about that very much as it was around mid day. When soup was warmed up I filled bowls and we sit middle of floor to eat. Venomena said that she looks hiding place and planned to stay over night at least in village. From talk of this odd leather mask woman I didn't got any sense... there seemed to be two personalities in her head. It was very confusing, but in same time very interesting. I wanted to know more about her, but on that moment when I started to ask more Ansy suddenly came in and ruined everything as usual. She had two dead chickens on her hands, she walk other end of house, chopped those chickens to pieces, stayed silent and walked out with chicken meat without saying a thing. When she left this strange masked woman rushed after her and didn't heard from them after that. We talked moment with Venomena and then just before twilight I went out to look Ansy, but couldn't find her. I returned in the house and we both Venomena and I lied down to rest. I think this strange Stygian woman planned to stay longer time... she had something to hide.