Life as usual

Things seem calm enough lately. The strange group of people that have fortified themselves inside one of the ruins seem to be wanting to fix the place up, asking around about where to get tools. Other than that they keep to themselves, though rumor has it they are running out of food. Aren't we all?

The woman who started fixing up the large building next to the stables seems to have disappeared. The blacksmith is now faced with a large amount of tools that are taking up space in her forge, though some of it has been bought up by other people busy with fixing up houses.

A large dead tree, not too far from the village has been cut down and used for fuel and building materials. People have to venture out further and further for these needs.

Sinse the disappearance of the hooded man, the beekeeper doesn't do business from his home anymore, rather making deliveries. His wife hasn't been seen outside at all anymore.

It seems a hunting trip is being organized. If succesful, that would at least keep some of the villagers fed for a good part of this unusually harsh winter.