Sharing warmth

"We arrived late afternoon, ducking into the sunless, gaping mouth of the ravine, leaving violet skies behind us. He saw wildlife... And became as a hunting dog, chasing after his still-living dinner with immediate, brutal instinct. By the Mothers, the more I watch him move, the more he makes me think of some musky lion, some youthful puppy, killing for the sheer joy of movement.
Our camp, we made at the entrance, close to water, light hidden by the towering walls that cut the wind and amplified sound. I sampled the soil... Muddy, dark sand, without light all year, perfect for Kamaa, for mushrooms to grow. I can feel it in my bones, this place will yield more then meat and shelter.
No sign of the wild-men yet. I would not be surprised if they were afraid to leave the ravine, terrified by what comes at night. With light, will come answers. With light, we break camp."