This night the silence within the keep was broken, and such screams and throes hitting the interior resonated for the first time since it was inhabited again. Desperate sobbing and crying at first, squeezing all the lung contents through the throat...powerless woe. For hours, and then, the crying shifting in hysterical shrieking, filling the great hall with great pain. The body was harmed, the mind turned upside down, skin was rent, and spilled on the floor. First in trickles, then in gushes.

Someone was in agony, tortured to death by a wicked power, but even through the spine freezing exhultations, laughter could be described, if the walls had ears of their own. Or was it just a trick to the hearing?

A metal object clangs on the ground, followed by a dull thud. Then shortly after the sound of smearing echoes through the unlit great hall, towards the stairs. It ceases, then continues, rising, and stopping, and going up again.

The taxidermed beastheads looked upon the rag that dragged itself inside the room, trembling, wheezing. After the hurdle spasmed itself against the wall, it stopped moving and there was no more sound in the keep...