Do no harm...

Today smoke rose from the town, there has been a fire at the keep. The man of faith, Marcuis, was lighting up a bonfire to burn the gate and force himself inside despite a lack of tools. Several inhabitants gathered around to watch this unusual event, staring at Marcuis in surprise.

What took him to do such a thing? It was generally known an odd girl named Ansea abode in the place, and was not fond of visitors. The recklessness of the man almost caused much more grief than her ever intented, for the fire he caused licked at one of Ansea's measures against trespassers, incidentally causing it to do it's deadly purpose.
The gate that stood ablaze was smitten outwards as if struck by Crom's fist, tearing it away from its hinges. Hot iron and countless pieces of burning embers spread all over the place, leaving attendants more in shock and surprise than injury.
Many rumours have been heard the keep was ridden with traps of all kind, making it a deathtrap, however, Marcuis ran inside without too much heed, followed by numerous people afterwards. What transpired or saw in there only they know, though after a while they all left the keep, Marcuis holding something in his hands that looked more like a corpse than a living thing.

What foolishness went through Marcuis' mind when he set everything in motion, only he can tell, but at the end of the day he, Numi and the newcommer (Volga) were all wounded save Anya, that somehow the devil has under protection.

They disliked the witch greatly, and Ansea hated her the most of all, yet in their hypocrisy they plead for the old woman's help in healing something that wasn't relevant for healing at all. And that newcommer, trying to bar Ansea's way...what was she thinking? Hyboria breds stupidity and ignorance over wisdom, that's for sure. And now Ansea forced her hand in trying to reach the very evil she wished to destroy, and hurt those among she cherishes secretly.

It went too far now, she understood the time has not yet come. People would not understand, or simple held a fool's hope. Upon arriving back in the keep, she made preparations, comming back to her senses. Every contraption of death inside and around the keep was made harmless, and supplies were made.