Brand new diary - Time for travel

Ah, finally and just in time I got it. A brand new diary. It's a small book, but it brings me so much joy. I even like smell of it. Enough from this book, time has finally come to start travel. I'm excited and at same time worried. I wonder if everyone comes? They will, they will. I have paid them half in advance and rest I will pay when I'm safely back in Old Tarantia. I'm sure I worry too much and all will go fine. I have managed to gather excellent group from fighters, cook, guides and everything what is necessary. Group will consist:

Fighter who amazed me by her skills in The Pit. I'm sure she is more than capable for this task to keep our group safe from all dangers what we might face in the wilderness. In addition she might bring couple mates of her and without no extra price which sounded bit suspicious to me, but I have nothing against it.

She looks strong Cimmerian woman with big sword and nasty dog, but in closer look and talk she is well mannered and actually from Old Tarantia. She is very capable to hold sword on her hand and fight like a small Cimmerian village so she is hired as additional protection. However she informed that she might be busy with current mission and might not be available. So I do not count on her, but would make me more calm to have some extra hands.

Strong willed person. Been in the wilderness and know what to do in there. She is guide for the journey and leads us there by using the best route. I have my trust on her and she is also capable to hold sword on her hand.

I should not say this, but may the Mitra forgive me. She is really pain in the ass. Young, eager and from Cimmeria with now habits of civilized world what so ever. I have to keep my both eyes on her constantly so that she won't got in the troubles. Anyway, she is excellent cook and was cheap too. She is in.