Remembrance of Faith Past

To my shame, may Ahura bind me, to my shame, for I have acted from heart, not spirit. I gave in to youth, fearless, headstrong and he led me to the Keeper's chosen woman, by force from her eyes the twilight veil of lies to rip. She greeted us with calm and words that gave resonant food for reflection... For her man, the host to the one so worthy of worship, so worthy of praise, object of fear, fear bestowed upon his wife's image, fell dead to the dust from whence his flesh was dreamt forth. His master, cutting the strings to his faithful puppet, fled, took flight, abandoning the broken priestess to her fitting cycle of memory and loss.
I needed no urge further, not a sign more to spew forth the half-baked truth about her man, truth no witless child would think to believe, not thinking of harm to come, or of the response she may give. Foolish acts, to my shame, bind me, to my shame. I sang to her the name of daemons she once served, ephemeral praises to an unwitting spirit, turned to cold stone and honeyed temptation to nihilism by his own magnitude, power, grandeur... And seeing that lie flaming like faith in my eyes, hearing the tones of those who knelt beside her so many days ago, she may have remembered. She may have caught a glint of an inkling of a memory sang from cracks in stone, from the corner of her eye.
We shall see...
I give myself to the sweetened daze that brings me to you Most Honoured Mother Marwat. I ask you, guide the fleeting hand of remembrance to sooth the fever that her mind must burn with nightly, lest this mistake bind me to my shame, bind me like Ahura should at the fading road.