Going back

His hushed explanations were barely audible over the nightly sound of the river and the snoring of their unplanned for companions. She looked at his face, knowing the expression so well, she didn't need the moon's light to see it. That mixture of guilt and anoyance, knowing he had messed up badly again, but still trying to justify himself and anoyed she called him upon it. Her mind was racing already, his attempts to appeace her not reaching it anymore. It would end in a promise that he'd never do it again, it always did. She now had to deal with the concequences. The girl needed help, though she had to hand it to her that she had kept going despite the wound. Both girls and even the drunk seemed able to defend themselves, but a group of five was bound to be noticed. Hopefully their persuers would be thrown off by the fact that they grouped up, even the Blackthorn bitch had only seen four of them. Reluctantly she admitted to herself that there was only one way to go. As much as she hated the place, it was far enough from all this heat to give them a chance to get on their feet again.