Something wicked that way goes...

The mist had not yet disappeared, but the dawn was glowing over the horizon
The silence was disturbed by the groaning and splintering of wood
Something tumbled out of the boarded-up-house
It had the shape of a man, but it was bent and gnarled with grey skin over a skull-like face and yellow eyes

If you had been close enough you would have been overwhelmed by the stench emanating from the boarded-up-house
The house where some moons ago a group of traders took up their residence
Who disappeared in the house after a few weeks
Boarded the place up and weren't heard from
Until now

Had you been close enough you would have seen what remained of the man that once was known as Victaryan scurry out of the village before the first villagers woke up

Had you been close enough you would have been able to sneak a peak into the hole left in the board, where he had emerged from
But nothing could have prepared you for what you would have seen