The simple pleasures of life

Eventually, the headaches stopped completely. I must have been out for days, or perhaps even longer. I didn't know, and didn't care either. I got up from my sleeping place in the stables, and managed to stumble outside. The best part of the day had come and gone, but the sun still managed to shine warm upon my face.

While I was enjoying the simple pleasure of being able to stare at the sky without pain, Marve came walking in my direction. I thought, no, even hoped she would sit down with me, and ask me how I was. But she said something about some scrolls, and bags, and a building. There was this horrible smell coming from her. I had no idea what she was talking about, I guess my mind had still not recovered fully. Before I could show her some interest in her story, she was off again. A little disappointed I was left to my self.

That night I spent in the stables again. There were some eerie sounds outside, but the doors were shut well enough to keep out anything with bad intentions. I woke up next morning feeling very hungry. Outside the stables was Gathord, not really busy with anything, perhaps just waiting for someone. I talked to him. Before long we were joined by Wilpur and some new guy, Rudollis. Even the witch Anyad who'd helped Marve when we had arrived, and that strange creature that called herself Beastie were there.

The thought had lodged itself in my mind that I needed to arrange a better place to live. If I was going to survive the time here in this forsaken place, I had to get out of these stables. I was getting ready to sweet-talk Wilpur or Gathord into fixing up one of the abandoned buildings for me, when fortune smiled upon me. Gathord announced he would be going out on a journey to the dark lands of Stygia, and asked me if I would mind staying in his tower while he did? I had to look past him and fix my stare on the witch who stood behind him, to keep myself from laughing out loud. Would I mind? Hah!

Impatiently I waited for him to say his farewells to those gathered around us. Internally, I was shouting at him to get it over with, wave a hand, and just go, but of course I couldn't let him see that. So I played nice, and stood there, and chatted to the men. By all the burning hells, I even complimented Wilpur on his so-called shapely legs! What a woman has to endure to get what she needs.

Finally, Gathord was done, and showed me my tower. I was a little disappointed about the state the thing was in, but again, I smiled at him and dropped compliments on the repairs of the stairs, and the size of the fireplace. One thing that I really DID like were the silks that Gathord would leave behind for me to sleep on. The other was the view, an astounding view of the little town I now lived in. I quickly noticed that from the window you could see most of the buildings that were inhabited now, so I could keep an eye out on the others.

Watching Gathord leave the room, I knew I was going to love this tower, despite its shortcomings. Perhaps I should start making plans to make sure it would stay mine when Gathord returned.