Time to leave.

Has come at last, it feels like i have spend my entire life here, but now as i ride away memories of the past are coming back and they again feel real, Not like some vague dream. Yet still annoyingly my head feels like a mess, there is chaos as many different wishes pull me to opposite fucking directions! Some demand me to go back to my homeland.. find the redhead who was stupid enought to leave, another demands me to go to Stygia as i decited to, a new adventure, new sights and new women. I even feel like going back to that damned shithole im about to leave behind me and go see that teasing blondie.. but it has been too long since i had a foe that bleeds, too long since i stepped on foreign ground!
I smile faintly, and focus on that one thought of Stygia, lets see if the stories are as fake as the ones about Tarantia were, a city made of clean white stone i was told, yet one step into the place and first thing i saw was horseshit on the ground. I ride away while i still can, while its not too late to leave during this day.